a church with a mission

FOR THE GLORY OF GOD...Reach, Nurture and Release, Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ to IMPACT the World!

This mission statement is based on ‘God’s Purpose for the Church’ (Ephesians 1:4-6) where Apostle Paul tells us that we have been brought into God’s kindness for the ‘praise of the glory of His grace’ and the ‘Great Commission’ (Matt 28.18-20) where Jesus tells us to ‘go and make disciples’. We are committed to a ‘holistic’ form of mission, whereby we seek to demonstrate the love of Christ in word and deed.

a church with a purpose

Impact DMV Church exists for the glory to God and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and gather Christians into a community of faith functioning as a local expression of the Body of Christ Universal in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Worship - every Gathering we celebrate God

  • Evangelism - we have good news to share

  • Care for One Another - we will stand by one another, whatever the cost

  • Growth in the Faith - we want to understand more about God

  • Service to Others - we want to show God's love to others

  • Leadership Development – we will invest in leaders that will invest in others


In our life together, we seek to be a genuine Jesus community:

  • Grace

  • Growth

  • Strong Families

  • Groups

  • Gifts

  • Equipping

  • Giving

  • Gathering

  • Gratefulness

  • Sound Doctrine