Available Ministries to help you connect and grow



We want to seize every opportunity to strengthen and encourage men who attend Impact DMV Church in their call to biblical manhood. Men of Impact seek to help men grow as leaders, providers and protectors in every season of life.



We desire to see women walking in wholeness. Women confident in who they are and whose they are. Women (whether married or single) who embody and epitomize the Proverbs 31 woman. Women committed to working together with the Pastor and other members of Impact to carry out the God-breathed vision and mission of Impact.



The Youth of Impact ministry is a gospel-centered fellowship that partners with parents to inspire youth toward an authentic relationship with Christ. We are committed to serving our community by providing solutions that strengthen families and encourage faith in Christ.



The Marriages of Impact ministry aims to help people build sound relationships in all stages of life, to connect the unmarried with the married and to bring wholeness to all couples. We realize that strong marriages and families are an emblem of a healthy society. However, few other areas are so desperate for the “good news” of God’s redeeming grace and provision as are marriages and families today. This ministry encourages couples to understand that God designed marriage to illustrate the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is, after all, about relationship – God restoring us to relationship with Himself and we, in turn, being restored in relationship with one another.



The Music & Arts Ministry is for anyone who is passionate about using their creativity to reflect and communicate the Gospel to the world. We believe worship is a lifestyle that pours out from a relationship with Jesus. Worship Arts participants, whether through music, mime, or dance,  gather in education and service, grow in our craft and in Christ, and develop the next generation of worshippers – in our church, community, and throughout the world.

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Impact DMV Academy is a post-high school discipleship and leadership training program. Students are equipped in biblical foundations, ministry servanthood, kingdom leadership, and prepared for kingdom Impact.

Impact Academy’s mission is to prepare Christ Followers for kingdom impact in every area of life through in-depth exploration of the inexhaustible sacred scriptures.  

The goal is to biblically train the Christ Follower to impact Twenty-First Century humanity for the Glory of God and our joy! We invite you to be part of this significant training environment and to participate in preparing for a worldwide ministry impact.


(SPRING 2019)

Sunday School is a place and time where God's children learn they are loved by God and the people of God through the warm fellowship, and inviting and creative study of the Bible.

Sunday School is the place where we teach Bible stories to student in such memorable and positive ways that they become life-long lessons unfolding their meaning as the student grows, -drawing them closer to God and the people of God.

Sunday School is a creative, inviting course of basic training for young Christians --learning about God's love, God's plan, and God's expectations of his people.

The Goal of Sunday School 

  • To raise children in the knowledge of the Bible and love of God, to become full participants in congregational life.

  • To surround children with a faith family that knows them, cares for them, and continues to share with them.

  • To provide them with a basic understanding of most of the major stories of the Bible, in particular, the story of Jesus.